St. John Praise Team

St. John Praise Team, January 2012
The St. John praise time is comprised of several musicians at St. John Lutheran Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Together we make the music happen. Sometimes the music is an individual effort, but our key goal is to provide a worshipful experience, and that usually involves teamwork.

When Jesus gathered his disciples, he organized his first evangelism team, each with their own gifts to bring to the group. That's the idea of the praise team, we all do our thing, but in doing our things together we bring Jesus with us.

Early on, we had to gear our focus, and we decided that we are not a "cover band." Sure, the music happens - because that is a gift we bring. But, we're not trying to sound like the Christian musical artist of the month that is being played on the local stations. We may use their words in worship, but it's the message that the words impart that we wish to share, not the sound that conveys them.

That sort of freedom allows us to find "contemporary" music everywhere, even in the hymnal... heh.