Playing in the Water

CD Cover for Playing in the Water

On this CD, I play with the praise team musicians from St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Together we form the "praise team" during our more contemporary services. Like a lot of churches, we have members who enjoy different ends of the musical spectrum when it comes to worship music, and so this collection has a little bit for everyone (Without becoming too stogy - I hope).

I wrote nine of the twelve songs in this collection, so naturally I think it's great. (Karen. my spouse, likes it too.) The three other songs use lyrics out of the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Book, but performed in ways that may seem unusual.

Baskets Full of Bread is one of my songs from this collection. I made a video of it for Youtube, juxtaposing the feeding of the five thousand with our monthly food service distribution.

Baskets Full of Bread

Another of my songs from this Collection is One Sheep. I did not make this video, but it is on Youtube.