CD cover for Antiephemeral
Anti means "against", or "counter to", and ephemeral means "short lived" or "fleeting." So, Antiephemeral means eternity... which is exactly what the gospel is talking about. Think about it the next time you listen to "con" + "temporary" music. It sort of means the same thing.

This is a collection of some of my songs that I have performed with the St. John Praise team. Some of them have even helped with a bit of the music. You'll find some purely original material, and still a couple old songs with new twists from rock to folk.

Holy Spirit is the first track of this CD. I used an abridged version of that song as background music in this video.

Holy Spirit

Dawn of a New Day is an Easter song that I wrote. This video is just me playing the song in our praise team alcove at church, without the backup from other musicians. The CD recording has the whole band behind it. This song is written in a simple Celtic folk style.

Dawn of a New Day

There are 12 tracks in all (a biblical number):