Music from the Saints

Jeremy F-L (aka Fugli) Hi,
I'm Jeremy, a Christian artist... and I play music too...

If you've heard any of my worship music, you may have thought it just a little different, maybe even oddball at times. That's because I like to blend styles from the past and present together. Sometimes it's a traditional hymn with a new beat. sometimes it's a story taken right out of the bible.

Often I share my music with crowds of people during social Renaissance and Medieval oriented events under the stage name of Fugli, but I also have quite a bit of music that you might call "main stream." I also always try to throw in a little bit of a curve. The words of Jesus can take you out of the "normal" and steer you in another direction. Sometimes it's to a completely different destination than you had in mind, sometimes it's right next door.

These are my present Christian oriented CDs. I have arranged them here from my most contemporary offerings to my least contemporary (you might even say medieval) ones. Feel free to explore their contents by clicking on their icons. You will find several instances where I have collaborated with local musicians, along with several sample tracks if you just explore.